kennelLeaving your pet alone in a pet boarding or pet sitting is hard on you when you are going for a vacation or away on a weekend. That affiliation between you and you pet clings to you making you feel guilty of leaving him alone. We understand that your pet wants only you to look him over. Pets are sensitive and reluctant towards others. They need to be taken care of in a good way whether you are around or not, that is why we provide the best pet boarding services. Just like you treat him as your friend, we too promise to consider him as our friend and would go to any length to provide him with the best care and make him feel at ease.  We provide the best pet boarding services in the country because we realise that your pet is one of your important and adorable assets.

Pet Minding

kennels_excercise_yardTo cater to your pet minding needs, we have a well equipped arena with both single and double kennels. We have spacious and clean rooms that are fully air-conditioned (climate controlled). You can either drop your pet at our door or ask to get a pick and drop service. Our pet minding services include an exercise session for your pets as they too need to be fit!! We also extend our services to provide medical care for your pets or can take them to  their vet for a check-up if you prefer. One can never be extra careful when it comes to pet minding or pet sitting. Since pets are sensitive to the environment around them, they refuse to eat and play and even sleep in the absence of their masters.  The pet sitting services we provide are exceptional as we offer a team of trained professionals who know how to take care of your pets and pamper them.

Pet Care

We are the best pet care in the country to cater for your pet sitting needs. Our pet hotel is your pet’s home away from home. We strive to provide your pet with the same affection and love he receives from you. We are a phone call away as we provide our clients home delivery services as well. Now, we can come at your place so that there is someone to look after your precious. We have been successful in creating a benchmark for our contemporary pet hotels and work seven days of the week under any condition. We are the pet care who provide the kind of affection and care you need for your pet. The best part is that all the services are under one roo

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