Our award winning Kitty Condo cat boarding accommodation is designed with safety in mind first. The whole of the cottage is enclosed and there are a total of three doors before you reach the Kitty Condo area to ensure there is no way your pet can ever escape. Whether your cat is old or active, they will feel right at home in our five level Condo suites. Neighboring cats are separated from each other by solid walls, giving the most timid of cats a full sense of security while also helping to maintain the highest possible level of hygiene in these cat tree. Our deluxe Condo suites are available for one or two cats from the same family at no extra cost, offering spacious Condo suites at all times with plenty of toys, scratching posts, windows with a private balcony with a tranquil outlook.



To keep your cat entertained and comfortable, each suite has five levels of it own to explore with plenty of toys for play. They are furnished with clean and comfortable bedding. (2 woolen beds each so your cat can sleep where it wants) and a downstairs toilet area. The cattery is fully air conditioned and heated and even has a TV installed, so your pet will be able to keep up with all its favorite TV shows while enjoying its stay with us. All cats are given regular playtime outside their suites throughout the day.


We provide only the best quality in nutrition for your cat. Your pet will have acces to dry food at all times, and will be provided with fresh meats at night. If your pet requires a special diet, or is a fussy eater, please discuss this with our staff prior to your Kitty boarding with us and we will make sure your Kitty is well catered for.


For the health and safety of your pet and our other valued guests, your cat must be up to date with it’s F3 Vaccination, or we will have to refuse your booking. If you have never had your cat vaccinated, it must be performed at least 2 weeks prior to boarding with us. Please bring along your cat’s vaccination certificate when you drop off your cat for boarding with us, and to save time, you can also register your Kitty for cat boarding in Melbourne with us with our online registration form.


Your pet must be clean and free of falling hair, before boarding. For stays longer than five days, your pet will be given a fresh, warm wipe, so it is clean and relaxed ready for its arrival home.
Full grooming at reasonable prices is also available, please contact us for further information.


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