Are cats allowed to play together?

Cats are not allowed to play together or mix with other cats if they are not from the same family at any time.

Will my cat be groomed?

Cats staying for more than 5 days or, longer will be given a complimentary “Groom”. For a small fee, bathing and grooming can be arranged. Our staffs are well trained in grooming of cats. Your Kitty will receive a proper brushing, when in our care. Additional grooming or, clipping is offered while Kitty is staying at John’s Pampered Puss, you can arrange an appointment to have Kitty groomed and clipped.

    Please note:

  • Cats with problem big knots or, extreme matting will be cleaned and, a fee will be charged.
  • For the safety of the pets and owners, all cats will be examined, in order to detect fleas. A Flea treatment will be administered if necessary and the owners will be charged.

What are the methods of your payment acceptance?

We accept;
• Visa,
• MasterCard,
• Cheque
• Cash

A bank surcharge of 2.5% will be applied when paying with a credit or debit card


Will i get a refund if, i come back for my cat early or, change my mind?

A 30 day notice in writing before commencement of stay is required if an owner decides to cancel their Xmas or Easter booking only. An amount of $35 and bank surcharges will be deducted before any refund. If under 30 days there will be no refund. If you decide to collect your pet before the days you booked, you will be charged for the remaining of your booking. We have a long list of people who wish to have their cats, stay with us, and we had to refuse the booking because of your booking dates. So please decide carefully when booking for Kitty.

How are the rates calculated?

The rates are calculated according to the number of days spent not nights. Bookings during Christmas and, Easter periods will cost a 10% extra loading, in order to cover the cost of extra pay loading for staff and we may have a minimum booking charges. For more details, please contact us. Timings for drop-off and pick-up; Monday: 7.30am – 5.30 pm. Tuesdays to Saturday: 8.00am – 5.30pm. Sunday and Public Holidays: 3pm – 5.30pm. Some Public holidays we are closed, so call first

How do i know if my booking is confirmed or not?

Your booking will be confirmed by Email, you will be given your own VIP number, If you are not going away over Xmas or Easter you will be able to just walk in the door. If you go away over Xmas or Easter you will need to make full payment for us to hold open your dates for you

What will happen to my cat if there is a fire or, flood?

We have our own fire sprinkler system. Since the resort is situated at the top of a hill, so there is no worry of flooding, every problem and, danger is taken care of.

What actions will be taken if my cat becomes ill?

We have a vet on call 24/7, we will call you immediately if there is any kind of emergency. If Kitty gets injured or becomes sick, we are expert in handling all kinds of situations that may arise. But, if Kitty requires immediate attention by a vet we will do so. We also offer Palliative care for sick, injured, geriatric and, insulin dependent cats

What type of vaccinations does my cat need?

Vaccination must be performed at least two weeks before boarding. Meaning you just cannot go to the vet to get a vaccination then bring your kitty in for boarding, if not already up todate. It is performed to ensure that your pet will not be contaminated or contaminate, other pets. Cats: Adult Cats require F3 vaccination or better. If they have never been previously vaccinated.

• Remember Kitty need a booster, every 12 months.

Kittens need to receive, F3 vaccination at, 6-8 weeks then, 12 weeks. A third injection at, 16 weeks is recommended. After two weeks, immunity will be established after the second injection. Leukemia Vaccine;

  • Do not vaccinate pregnant queens.
  • Unvaccinated Cats and Kittens – Give two doses three weeks apart.
  • Kittens should be 10 weeks old when, receiving the first dose. Thereafter, a single shot can be given yearly.

Can i come in to the condo suites to, bed my own cat down?

This question has been frequently asked. The main reason why we don’t allow owners into the bedding area is that, cats become very disturbed when they see strange people around them. It’s in the best interest for Kitty, to have a small amount of movement within the condo suites. It is also for your own safety as our insurance will not cover you in the cattery area.

How is my cat taken care of?

We try our best to follow a set routine. At 7 AM, the staff opens up to make sure all are well, Our trainers play a small games with Kitty to make sure that all is well. At 7:45 AM staff ensures that all medication is given, with the rooms cleaned, washed and disinfected, from top to bottom. Bedding is changed; water bowls are cleaned then filled with fresh water.
At 8:45 AM cats are then, fed, any remaining mess outside is then cleaned. External bowls are cleaned and refilled with water. At 9:30 AM the outer doors are opened and cats can go and, play with the toys we provide them with.
There is staff, walking through and performing check on every cats, about every 30 minutes, to make sure there are no problems.
At 4.30 PM cats are led back inside, for dinner.
Medication is given at 5:30 PM if needed then; they are ready for their night’s sleep. Just like us after a hard working day, they all sleep soundly, so do these adorable cats, since they are exhausted with all the playing and, running.

What type of food is fed to my cat?

Our diets are top quality and, served fresh, daily. Cats are fed fresh “Whiskas”, varieties in the morning. Then they are given access to dried “Whiskas” throughout the day. If Kitty is a fussy eater then a special veterinary diets will be given to your pet, according to your instruction. For special diets please contact us.